Kathy Painting Peonies

                     Kathy's now selling selected artwork at Ottawa's
                                         Rothwell Gallery

                             at 1162 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester,Ontario



 Greeting cards are sold in

the following locations in Ottawa:


Beaudry Flowers 505 Industrial Ave

Bloomfield’s Flowers, 783 Bank St

Bloomfield’s Flowers 1280 Wellington

Shoe Plus Shoe 802 Bank St

Shoe Plus Shoe 343 Richmond Rd

  As well as these Art Galleries:
The Niche Ottawa Gallery

   (Art of Bean Coffee Co) 1439 Youville Dr

The Rothwell Gallery, 1162 Olgilvie Rd



Finding Strength in Beauty



  After graduating from the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College, Kathy worked for 25 years in the animation industry on popular cartoons such as "The Care Bears", "The Raccoons", and countless other productions from around the globe including several for Disney Television.


    She has greatly benefited from the insightful academic teachings offered in "The Bargue Drawing Course" at
"The Academy of Realist Art, Ottawa"
under the instruction of Fernando Freitas and Matthew Collins.


   Kathy's strong drawing and painting skills have enabled her to produce artwork that ranges from the poetic and classical to the loose and interpretive.


 Her watercolours and oil paintings feature women, children and florals, with some landscape and still life.


  Recognizing beauty, she feels the rhythm of shape, line and colour and lets them dance throughout her artwork. The richness of the world is interpreted with gentleness and optimism.


  Kathy teaches with a unique passion for the art of drawing and colour theory.

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